Friday, June 6, 2008

Love Bites

I don't care what anyone says..I believe that ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME. Simple as that. There is nothing you can say or do to try to make me change my opinion about that whatsoever! They all lie, they all cheat, they all break their promises and they all are jerks (when it comes to relationships of course). They might not show it all the time but trust me, the jerk is in them 24/7. I've had terrible experiences with guys, well i've only had one real boyfriend but still. You wouldn't believe all the BS he put me through, and with the stories about guys that I have heard from my female cousins, my sister, and my female friends..whooo! I got enough with that! I also have a 21 year old guy cousin that I am super close with and we tell each other everything. So, I know what a guy's perspective is when it comes to girls and stuff like that, and it ain't pretty! I love my cousin and all but i can safely say that he can be a real A-hole with females. He tells me the way he thinks and his deepest thoughts, it's weird cuz it's like damn so that's how guys really think. It sucks. But that's reality, that's why I don't really like talking to guys in that way, I definitely DO NOT fall for guys easily, I am not one to mess with lol. But yeah I think I would rather stick to girls. Girls are more sensitive and more understanding. But overall, I think I am done with relationships for a cool minute, I need to worry about myself and do me for now...=]

About Me...=]

Well, my name is Alejandra, but you can call me Ale. I turned 17 years old on February 14th, and no I'm not "hella lucky" to have been born on Valentine's Day, if anything it's like a curse; I've had the worst birthdays ever, I cannot think of one single year when I had a good birthday. But anyhow, I have one sibling, a big sister named Diana, who is 20 years old. She and I fought a lot growing up, and at one point we became the best of friends, but now all that has changed because all of a sudden she thinks she's hella grown and she knows it all and she's way too bossy, so we don't really get along anymore because of that; we clash way too much. But yeah, I am a senior and I'm about to graduate in about 3 days (June 10th!). I am very excited, especially because I am graduating a year early (I skipped a grade), so i'm hella juiced and i can't wait to move on with my life. I love to eat, and I love trying new foods I find it to be very fun. I also love to watch t.v. A LOT, it might sound kinda loser-ish but i don't care lol, i could watch t.v. all day every day for the rest of my life and be happy! But yeah, i like going to parties, i'm not really that much of  a party girl, but when I do party I like to go all out and have hella fun. I am kind of a shy person and I tend to be more on the conservative side, which is why I don't really have a lot of friends, but i'm okay with that because i don't trust too many people and it takes a lot for me to really trust a person, that's just the way i have always been. I would rather have one or 2 really close friends, than to have a lot of friends who are just "friends" ya know. You think you might really know a person but you never know when they might switch up on you and go bad. So that's why i'd rather roll solo. I enjoy writing and learning new words, and I am a champ speller. It totally bothers me when people misspell words, I will usually correct them no matter how small the word or how tiny the mistake. I think I am very "different", i'm not like your average 17 year old girl, or at least I don't feel like I am. But I don't care I am who I am. I'm very random and I joke around a lot and I tend to be very sarcastic most of the time, there are very few people who get my sarcasm, and there are times when people don't get it at all. That bugs me and those are usually the people who I don't get along with. (To be continued...)


Alameda is a very urban place that I have visited all of my life. There are a lot of white people there but most of them aren’t like “laguna beach” type of people. I saw a lot of potheads around in the parks and in the street, mostly teens. As well as a lot of skateboarder type of dudes. There are a lot of restaurants and caf├ęs down the main street. I ate at an Italian restaurant called “Tomatina”, I had a very Italian thin crust pizza with mushrooms, some really good cheese that I forgot what it’s called, and it had many herbs that I don’t know what they’re called lol. Not a very good description of the pizza I know, but I’ll tell you that it was soe of the best pizza I’ve had in a while. But yeah, I think it’s a very diverse place and the beach is great, the shopping center is even better. They’re like remodeling the whole thing and it’s looking way better than it did 10 years ago.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Blog- My Thoughts Part I

I think that being in this class I definitely pushed myself a lot, to get through or assignments and stuff. I didn’t really want to be in this post-session because I thought it would be boring, but I pushed myself to try to do the blogs and all that, and I actually started to find it kind of fun. At first, the reason why I pushed myself was for the simple fact that I had to complete post-session in order to graduate, but afterwards I was glad that I was put here. Although there wasn’t anyone in the class that I actually knew like that or spoke to I feel like I overcame my shyness, because I do get kind of shy sometimes around people that I don’t really know, but I made the effort to talk to them and get to know them. I also overcame my fears of talking to complete strangers for our interviews, in our groups I was usually the one who did all the talking as far as the interviews go. On our trips I tried new foods that I never thought I would try, like the Chinese food, and I also tried a new type of sushi that I had never tried before. I don’t think there was a time when I decided not to try something new, or at least I can’t think of anything. I think I’ve done a pretty good job.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today i am feeling pretty excited. I am proud of myself because i presented my senior science exhibition earlier and i passed! I am so happy that i have one less thing to worry about, but i can't get too comfortable just yet, i still have to do my senior presentation on friday. I am very nervous about it because the first time I did it, it went terribly wrong and i failed. But hopefully this time will be better and I will try to be more prepared than I was last time. But I still want to celebrate the fact that I passed the science one lol.

The Castro

The Castro in San Francisco is such a wonderful place, it's a place where you can be who you are without worrying about people judging you. I was excited to visit The Castro, && being that i am bisexual I was expecting to see a lot of both men and women, but I was surprised when i saw nothing but gay men walking around. Nothing wrong with that at all, just kind of disappointing for me lol. I think it looks beautiful with all the rainbow flags EVERYWHERE! Anywhere you look you will see a rainbow flag. It seems like a very peaceful place where everyone gets along, and where everyone talks to each other, and you feel so safe and so comfortable walking around it's great! The funniest thing happened when we went out for lunch lol. We went to this little diner where they sell all kinds of burgers as well as hot dogs and stuff. so as i was trying to decide what i wanted to eat i was looking at the menu and i saw that they had hot links and it sounded pretty good. Since in most places the links are pretty small, i decided to ask the guy who was taking the orders how big the links were. So i say "how big are your hot links?", and he shows me with his hands how long they were. So i say, " thick are they?", and i just hear Olivia and the other girls laughing behind me, and the guy starts turning hella red and he starts laughing too. I was kind of lost for a second and then i thought about it and i realized that it didn't really sound right when i asked him lol. And then he showed me again with his fingers how thick they were, and then i say, "Can you show me one?", and the dude starts HELLA laughing..and the thing was that it was so unintentional, and i so didn't mean it that way i just really wanted to know if the links were big or small. but it was hilarious when he pulled out the wiener, and he just waved it at me haha. you had to be there man, it was pretty funny : )

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Trip to Lake Shore

Lake Shore was..."whatever"!. Nothing special or out of the ordinary, it's just Oakland, to me. Except of course the fact that there are more white people in that area, but i already knew that. I used to go to Lakeview Elementary (which is right down the street) and I used to be around there a lot so I already knew what it would be like before we went. There are many little shops and cafes, and the people are very friendly. No one was rude to us or anything so that was good. So yeah i didn't really have any surprises and nothing shocked me at all about Lake Shore. We also went to the 'Rose Garden' on Grand Ave., which is exactly what it sounds like; a garden full of nothing but beautiful roses. It was very pretty, it was like being inside of a fairytale or something, it is so romantic and it's for sure a place you would want to go with your significant other. I had also been there before too so it wasn't anything new either, but I did enjoy it alot. And as I said yesterday, "If i were a hobo I would SO live here" lol. Cuz it's true. I probably really would live there...(thank God i'm not a hobo though!)